Become A Caregiver!

Become a caregiver

We have a dedicated team of Caregivers who are ready to focus their attention and support as they tend to your specific needs. At Berkshire Homecare we make sure that all of our Caregivers meet our strict requirements. Each one who works in this field is:

  • Chosen with the utmost care
  • Screened carefully to confirm the information they provided us with
  • Put through a professional background check
  • Fingerprinted for FBI / BCI&I with our very own state certified Webcheck system
  • Identified and confirmed with reference checks
  • Drug tested
  • An employee of our company – not an independent contractor
  • Fully insured and bonded
  • Part of a group of experts who are led by our administrative staff and nursing team

Instead of cutting corners and just contracting out our Caregivers, we hire them outright and take care of the insurance, workman’s’ comp and all taxes. This way we get to know the people who are working with us and for us.

We make sure that all of our health care providers are proficient in their field and stay on top of any updated medical information that has changed or been added since they became licensed.We do this with mandatory monthly testing. Our administrative and nursing staff monitors this process closely and provides any further education that may be needed to keep everyone knowledgeable in our industry.

While we are adamant about the level of knowledge of our Caregivers, it’s just as important to us that they go above and beyond when dispensing the care that you need to heal and be at your best.

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